Descrizione del progetto – English version

Le città del lavoro

Transformations that have interested the world of job today  are the reflex of a profound change that have invested Italy in the last decade: times are changed and in the province of Varese too and now there are crises. So they say. The job market is changed, professions and the arrangements for access to work are changed: you certainly cannot think of using instruments of the past. From the awareness of the needs for change, here the new proposal from the promoters.

In brief about “Le Città del Lavoro”:

WHO? : The project is managed by communal staff in these years already engaged in the sector of work and education with functions of information and orientation.

The establishment of a network of  Community allowed for work services (brokering research, personal selection and support for the professional relocation) based to the L.R. 22/2006 will allow implement and complete the offer of services that today the public institution is able to guarantee citizens and economic realities of the territory, as well as placing privileged subjects in the critic scene of the job market. In addition, the presence of Centre di Formazione Professionale, accredited  for educational services, beside the Community is strategicin the user with a view to ensuring full path to employment, retraining and professional development.

WHAT?: the local institutions will come in contact with the local economical-productive  than we do now and thanks to the development of human resources in the area. We will use an online archive of job postings, daily and implemented a database of users, who will be subject to the applicant companies, after appropriate pre-selection. Online archive will be accessed from a site dedicated to the next implementation.

In this direction will go the action that  aimed at: the promotion and management of local policies, development of guidance, training and support to work, personal needs analysis of local companies, partnerships with private agencies, liaison with market participants local labor (training institutions, associations, schools, universities, etc..) integration with the national and regional public network.

WHY?: The project, absolute free both for who search and offer work, is born form the needs of  the users who in this difficult years from the work point  is aimed at the Communities looking for help. With the inter-communal service want to respond more accurately and on time to their needs, especially of the weakest sectors of the population who today have more difficult in entering in the job market.

WHERE? : Each Community will predispose in own territory a door of work service, that will operate in the network with the other involved in the project.

WHEN? The network “Le Città Del Lavoro” will start their activities in  spring 2011.



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